Market Closed Date 17/10/2017
Academic Day in the University of Jordan

Amman Stock Exchange and the Business Administration Faculty at the University of Jordan have held an Academic Day in the presence of the CEO of the ASE, Mr. Jalil Tarif, the Dean of the Business Administration Faculty, Dr. Bashir Al-Zou'bi and the Head of the Finance Department, Dr. Nidal Al-Fayoumi.

A number of awareness lectures were delivered concentrating on the basic topics relevant to Jordan capital market and securities trading in addition to a glimpse on the main concepts related to the capital market including securities, bonds, mutual funds, right issues and corporate governance. Also, ASE presented two live trading sessions and answered the students' enquiries.

The CEO of the ASE, Mr. Jalil Tarif said that holding such lectures goes in line with the ASE's policy of strengthening its ties with the local community and spreading the investment culture and raising awareness among citizens and investors. Mr. Tarif also stressed the important role of the capital market in increasing investments and creating job opportunities, which supports the economic growth in the kingdom and attracts local and foreign investments as the non- Jordanian investments reached about (50%) of the ASE market capitalization.

The event witnessed a remarkable attendance as the number of participants reached about (500) students.