Market Closed Date 18/10/2017
ASE Signed an Academic Cooperation Agreement with Yarmouk University

Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) has signed an academic cooperation agreement with Yarmouk University on the purpose of establishing a stock exchange simulation room and training on the ASE e-trading system. The chairman of the ASE board of directors, H.E Mr. Mohammad S. Horani and the president of the Yarmouk University, Dr. Mohammad Abu-Qidees, signed the agreement in the presence of the CEO of the ASE, the Dean of Economy and Business Management Faculty and the head of Banking and Finance Department.

The agreement states that the ASE provides a simulation server, a router, specialized trading programs and training the university staff in charge of training the students on the programs and systems. Meanwhile, the university shall provide a simulation and training room and supplying it with technical appliances and connection lines necessary for connecting it with the ASE.

On the margins of signing the agreement, H.E Mr. Horani, inaugurated the simulation and training room in the Banking and Finance Department in the presence of the President of the university, the CEO of the ASE and the university staff. The simulation room is intended to train students and the local community on trading securities and the exchange's operations, in addition to conducting researches on the exchange by professors and the Master's Degree students.

The simulation room is equipped with a main server to operate the electronic trading system, a PC for running the trading session in regard to controlling the time and the stages of the trading sessions, suspending or re-trading securities, changing the securities closing prices and other trading operations. The room also includes twenty PCs that contain the necessary programs of entering orders to the system, which are connected directly to the electronic trading system, thus the students can enter and follow up these orders through a specific program, as well as watch live trading information.

In this occasion, the ASE held an academic day in the Economy and Business Department, in which the ASE presented a live trading session and answered the students' enquiries. Holding such activities goes in line with the ASE's policy of strengthening its ties with the local community, along with its awareness and marketing strategy of spreading the investment culture and raising awareness among citizens and investors.