Market Closed Date 18/10/2017
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ASE participated in the Conference on Privatization of Infrastructure and the Role of Capital Markets and Investment Opportunities, held in Abu Dhabi, under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange and the Water and Electricity Authority of Abu Dhabi


ASE participated in the collaboration meeting organized by Istanbul Stock Exchange in cooperation with the Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Conference (COMCEC), and held in Istanbul.


ASE participated In a workshop entitled "Funding Municipalities through Bonds". Organized by the Ministry of Municipalities and AMIR program


The ASE participated in the Banking, Insurance Technologies and Exchange Exhibition (BINTEX 2005), which was held in Damascus form 14-16 March, 2005. The ASE experience was presented through its booth, as well as its introductory brochures and publications. The ASE also, participated in the a...


On March 10, 2005 the ASE held its Sixth General Assembly Meeting, during which the ASE Board Report on the ASE activities and future plans were discussed. The ASE auditor report on its budget, financial statements and financial situation; the annual budget were discussed; and the income...


The ASE held its annual press meeting for the sixth year consecutively


The US-based Wilshire Associates Incorporated, an independent employee-owned company, issued a revised report including a list of emerging markets, that Jordan ranked as the 10th among the 27 attractive stock market of emerging markets.


ASE renewed its website


The ASE participates in the meeting of the executive committe of the FEAS.