Market Closed Date 23/10/2017
Non-Jordanian Investment at The ASE During January 2017

The total value of shares that were bought by non-Jordanian investors during January 2017 was JD 183.1 million, representing 41.3% of the overall trading value, while the value of shares sold by them amounted to JD194.6 million. As a result, the net of non-Jordanian investment during January 2017 showed a decrease by JD11.5 million, compared with a decrease by JD4.3 million during the same month of 2016.

Arab investors purchases during January 2017 were JD13.6 million, or 7.4% of the overall purchases by non-Jordanians, while the value of non-Arab purchases amounted to JD169.5 million, constituting 92.6% of the total purchases. Arab investors sales amounted to JD176.5 million, 90.7% of non-Jordanians total sales, while the value of non-Arab sales amounted to JD18.1 million, representing 9.3% of the total sales by non-Jordanians. 

Non-Jordanian ownership in companies listed at the ASE by end of January 2017 represented 50.0% of the total market value, 38.6% for Arab investors and 11.4% for non-Arab investors. At the sector level, the non-Jordanian ownership in the financial sector was 56.4%, in the services sector was 21.9%, and in the industrial sector was 51.0%.