Market Closed Date 19/10/2017
Non-Jordanian Investments at the ASE - January 2008

The total value of shares that were bought by Non-Jordanian investors during January 2008 was JD195.3 million, representing 13.9% of the overall trading volume, while the value of shares sold by them amounted to JD178.9 million. As a result, the net of non-Jordanian investment during January 2008 showed an increase by JD16.4 million, compared to an increase by JD17.5 million during January 2007.

Arab investors purchases during January 2008 was JD170 million, or 87.1% of the over all purchases by non-Jordanians, while the value of non-Arab purchases amounted to JD25.3 million, constituting 12.9%. Arab investors sales amounted to JD137.7 million, representing 77% of non-Jordanians total sales, while the value of non-Arab sales amounted to JD41.2 million, representing 23% of the total sales by non-Jordanians.

Non-Jordanian ownership in companies listed at the ASE by end of January 2008 represented 49.2% of total market value, 36.0% for Arab investors and 13.2% for non-Arab investors. At the sector level, the non-Jordanian ownership in the financial sector was 51.3%, in the services sector was 35.5%, and in the industrial sector was 51.9%.