Market Closed Date 24/10/2017
Performance of the Amman Stock Exchange, 2016

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Mr. Nader Azar, said that the ASE price index weighted by free float shares increased to reach (2170.3) point at the end of 2016 compared with (2136.3) point by the end of 2015; an increase of (1.6%). The market capitalization of listed shares at the ASE decreased to JD (17.3) billion; a decrease of (3.6%), compared with year 2015 closing, constituting (65%) of the GDP.

The trading value for the ASE decreased during 2016 reaching JD (2.3) billion; a decrease of (31.8%), compared with JD (3.4) billion for the year 2015. The number of traded shares reached (1.8) billion shares, traded through (786) thousand transactions, compared with (2.6) billion shares traded during 2015 through (899) thousand transactions.

As for the non-Jordanian investment at the ASE, which is distributed to more than one hundred nationality around the world, the statistics showed that the value of shares bought by non-Jordanian investors during year 2016 was JD (666.5) million, representing (28.6%) of the overall trading value, while the value of shares sold by them amounted to JD (429.4) million. As a result, the net of non-Jordanian investments showed an increase of JD (237.1) million, compared to an increase by JD (10.6) million for the year 2015.

Accordingly, Non-Jordanian ownership in companies listed at the ASE at the end of December 2016 becomes around (49.6%) of the overall market capitalization, where Arab investors constituting (38.6%), and non-Arab investors constituting (11%) of the overall market capitalization of the ASE.

As for the performance of the public shareholding companies for the first three-quarters of the year 2016, the financial data for the (219) companies out of (224) companies, or (98%) of the total companies that provided the ASE with its quarterly reports revealed that profits before taxes of these companies were JD (1.1) billion for the period (Jan-Sept) 2016 compared with JD (1.3) billion for the same period of 2015, a decrease of (12.9%).