Market Closed Date 20/03/2018


Issuance of the brochure "The Electronic Disclosure System using XBRL"

In light of  Jordan Capital Market Institutions keenness to apply the latest international practices in the financial markets. In this regard, the ASE started in cooperation with Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) in 2016 applying the Electronic Disclosure System project using XBRL language in Jordan Capital Market.

the project of "Electronic Disclosure System" in Jordan capital market is a vital and important project and serves all related parties, where this project will make a paradigm shift in the disclosure of financial and nonfinancial data of the companies and it will develop the process of accessing all disclosures, and thus will improve the disclosure and transparency level in the market and increase the speed of access to the required information. The system also provides information in both Arabic and English, note that this project is expected to be applied by the end of the year.

In addition  to, in order to increase the awareness of the listed companies and all other related parties of the ''Electronic Disclosure System'' and its importance, the ASE has issued - in cooperation with Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) - a brochure on ''Electronic Disclosure Using XBRL Language '', where this brochure contains the most important information related to the electronic disclosure such as: the importance of the electronic disclosure system, the benefits of XBRL language like reliability, flexibility and efficiency ... etc. Furthermore; the brochure displays the most important data which will be disclosed through XBRL, and the mechanism of operation of the system.

It's worth mentioning that those who are interested in "The Electronic Disclosure System using XBRL" can view/find it on the ASE website within the library and publications section. 



H.E Dr. Anani Meets Representatives of Brokerage Firms

The Chairman of the Board of Directors H.E Dr. Jawad Al Anani، in the presence of the Executive Management of the ASE met representatives of brokerage firms to discuss issues related to securities sector and the ways to activate the market.

At the beginning of the meeting،  Dr .Anani welcomed and thanked them for attending the meeting. He also explained that this meeting is part of a series of meetings held by ASE. Where the ASE started its meeting with the Jordan Strategies Forum to discuss the recommendations of the study ( ASE:  The way forward)  followed by a meeting in TAG group and a meeting in the Association of Banks to encourage banks to increase their investments in ASE and to be the market leadership،  as well as individual meetings with a number of institutional investors.

Dr. Anani stressed on the collaboration of all parties to activate the market add to that the brokerage firms responsibility in attracting local and global investors and invest to the stock market alongside with the Capital Market Institutions and other related parties through promoting  the profession of brokerage firms  and research and studies on listed companies to facilitate investors in making their investment decisions.

As the attendees agreed on the need of increasing the available tools and investment alternatives to investors such as mutual funds، Islamic Sukuks and ETFs

The attendees also asked for amending the tax law by introducing broad amendments in order give investors incentives for dealing with and attracting foreign investments on the other hand، and to reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains by treating investment companies the same treats of individuals in capital gains.


ASE participates in the Disclosure، Transparency ،Environmental، Social and Governance (ESG) Integration in Emerging Markets Initiatives.

Amman Stock Exchange represented by the CEO، Mr. Nader Azar participated in the roundtable discussion on Disclosure and Transparency and the Environmental، Social and Governance (ESG) Integration in Emerging Markets which was organized in collaboration with the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative and hosted by the London Stock Exchange Group on January 24، 2018.

Important issues were discussed during the meeting related to enhancing sustainability in the financial sector and the development of the strategies to identify the importance of implementation the best practices of sustainability، as well as involving all actors such as institutional investors، individuals، financial services companies and financial market regulators to urge listed companies in sustainability principles.

Mr. Azar presented the positive results of adopting the principles of sustainability in the financial markets، also discussed the pioneering steps of the ASE in this field، such as the issuing  of two publications on sustainability and organizing the third year in row the annual celebration of the Jordan's Gender Equality Initiative in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC)، following with  signing  an agreement with a leading company to enhance the commitment to sustainability in listed companies، in addition to the ASE  intent to prepare a guide for sustainability in the coming period، up to the ASE first issuance of sustainability report in 2020.

It is worth mentioning that this event has witnessed more than (60) attendees representing a number of decision makers in the government، and CEOs of many leading financial institutions capital markets. ASE has joined this important initiative launched by the Secretary-General of the United Nations in March 2016. Constituting of 68 members worldwide to increase the transparency and commitment of listed companies to Social and environmental responsibility and corporate governance issues.


.Signing an agreement with Vardot Company to Develop the ASE Website

Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and Vardot company for Digital Business Solutions have signed an agreement to redesign and update the ASE website both in Arabic and English. On behalf of the ASE،the agreement was signed by Mr. Nader Azar the CEO of the ASE، and on behalf of Vardot،Mr. Mohammed Razem the CEO of Vardot

 Mr. Azar said that the new design and update for the ASE website comes in line with the ASE strategic plan for the years 2018-2020، to develop the technical environment،enhance the investment environment by making the ASE website more attractive user friendly for investors and researchers

Mr. Al-Razzim expressed his gratitude for the selection of Vardot to update and design the new website، and ASE belief in Vardot capabilities to promote a long-term partnership between the two companies. Where Vardot proved its global capacity as one of the top 10 companies in the world in providing portal solutions، websites، content management systems and digital interaction using the Open Source Drupal platform