Market Closed Date 23/10/2017
The ASE has issued a brochure on sustainability


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Mr. Nader Azar said that "as part of the ASE's policy to continue its efforts to have a financial market in line with the best international practices; the ASE has issued a brochure on "Sustainability" (Arabic version).


The issuance of this brochure comes as a first step to introduce the concept of Sustainable Development in the Jordan Capital Market, its objectives and benefits for all parties involved particularly companies and investors to encourage listed companies to embrace the concept of sustainable development into their operational strategies. This brochure contains important information relating to the concept of sustainable development, its history, and its benefits along with the objectives of the United Nations on sustainable development.  The ASE will take more subsequent steps such as issuing other publications and holding seminars and workshops in this concern.


Azar declared that the ASE will issue guidance on how listed companies can report on sustainability performance and prepare reports on sustainability. This guide will include the most important international standards in this field.


It's worth mentioning that the ASE has joined Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative (SSE) in 2016 besides 62 stock exchanges participated in this initiative which aims to encourage stock exchanges and listed companies in cooperation with all parties, to concern about sustainable issues. The other participating members in this initiative are: the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Casablanca Stock Exchange, the Qatar Exchange, the Tunis Stock Exchange, the Turkey Stock Exchange, the Indian Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange of Spain, the London Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia and others. To learn more about the sustainability brochure, you can visit the ASE website within the library and publications section.