Market Closed Date 26/09/2018
Future Outlook

In the year 2015, the ASE approved its strategic plan for the years (2016-2018).The plan included a number of strategic goals, initiatives and projects that aiming to preserve the accomplishments that achieved so far, develop the work at the ASE in its all aspects and achieve the ASE vision and mission.

The strategic plan includes a number of projects such as:

  • Implementing a new Electronic Trading System.
  • Introducing a new surveillance system.
  • Implementing an XBRL Disclosure System for the listed companies and the brokerage firms.
  • Making briefings to urge companies to issue new securities, such as bonds and Sukuk.
  • Urging the family business on the transformation to public companies and listing at the ASE.
  • Launching a co-branded index for the ASE.
  • Upgrading the ASE classification to an Emerging Market.
  • Organizing campaigns to raise public awareness and defining the capital market and the available investment opportunities.
  • Organizing Road Shows for Jordanian companies.
  • Strengthening cooperation with the other stock exchanges.