Listing Islamic Sukuk at Amman Stock Exchange

The CEO of ASE, Mr. Nader Azar, stated that "we listed the Islamic Sukuk for the first time at ASE for JORDAN ISLAMIC SUKUK COMPANY FOR FINANCING GOVERNMENTAL PROJECTS (Special Purpose Vehicle) as of 12/12/2018" added, " we hope that listing these Sukuk may prosper the capital market through providing new financial instrument that are compatible with Islamic Sharia for the investors.

Also Azar explained that the ASE's Board of Directors has adopted trading regulations for the Islamic finance Sukuk, where they will be listed with the par value that will be considered as the first reference price, and the allowable for the daily rise and drop of the Sakk  regarding to the reference price is (20%) as the minimum allowable value to execute deals is JD (200,000) -Two hundred thousand Jordanian Dinars, hence the provisions of the guide for using the securities trading system and the decisions of the  Board that are issued in this matter shall be applicable.

It is worth mentioning that these Sukuk worth JD (34) million for 5 years, with an annual return of (3.01%), noting that the volume of Islamic finance Sukuk all over the world amounted about USD 98 billion until last year.