Official Holiday

Amman Stock Exchange is closed for business on weekends (Friday and Saturday) and in observance of the following public holidays for the year 2019:


Date Occasion
01 January New Year
02 May Labor Day
25 May Independence Day
4-6 June(1) Eid Al-Fitr
9  June Royal Sitting Day 
10-14 August(1) Eid Al-Adha
31 August(1) Hijra New Year
9 November(1) Prophet Mohamad's Birthday
25 December Christmas Day


Amman Stock Exchange Holidays for the Year 2018


 Date  Day  Occasion  Comments
01 Jan. Monday New Year  
01 May Tuesday Labor Day  Religious Holiday (2)
25 May Friday Jordan Independence Day  
14 Jun. Thursday Eid Al- Fiter  
15 Jun. Friday Eid Al- Fiter Religious Holiday (2)
16 Jun. Saturday Eid Al- Fiter Religious Holiday (2)
17 Jun. Sunday Eid Al- Fiter Religious Holiday (2)
18 Jun. Monday Eid Al- Fiter Religious Holiday (2)
20 Aug. Monday Eid Al-Adha Religious Holiday (2)
21 Aug. Tuesday Eid Al-Adha Religious Holiday (2)
22 Aug. Wednesday Eid Al-Adha Religious Holiday (2)
23 Aug. Thursday Eid Al-Adha Religious Holiday (2)
24 Aug. Friday Eid Al-Adha Religious Holiday (2)
11 Sep. Tuesday Islamic New Year Religious Holiday (2)
20 Nov. Tuesday Prophet Mohammad's Birthday Religious Holiday (2)
25 Dec. Tuesday Christmas  


The implementation of summer and winter time is as follows:

  • Summer time (GMT+3): Clocks will be moved ahead 60 minutes from the midnight of the last Thursday of March for each year.
  • Winter time (GMT+2): Clocks will be moved backwards 60 minutes from the morning of the last Friday of October for each year.


(1): Subject to the appearance of the Moon, may change from the stated date.

(2): Religious holidays depend on the Muslim Lunar Calendar and may differ by one or two days from the dates mentioned above.

The ASE will announce about any additional holidays, whether special or emergent, or any amendment to the above-mentioned holidays.