Weekly summary

The average daily trading volume for the period 21/06 – 25/06 reached JD (4.6) million compared to JD (3.4) million for the last week, a increase of (33.0%). The total trading volume during the week reached JD(22.9) million compared to JD (17.2) million during the last week. Trading a total of (24.8) million shares through (8478) transactions.

Financial led the trading with JD(14.8) million or (64.5%) of the total trading volume. The Services followed with a JD(4.8) million or (21.1%). Finally, the Industrial with a JD(3.3) million representing(14.4%) of the total trading volume.

The shares price index closed at (1619.5) points, compared to (1632.8) points for the last week, a decrease of (0.81%). The Financial index decreased by (0.67%), the Services index decreased by (0.7%), and the Industrial index decreased by (1.15%).

The shares of (130) companies were traded, the shares prices of (40) companies rose, and the shares prices of (57) declined.

The top five gainers during the week were, the Arab Union International Insurance by (19.84%), Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation by (12.82%), Shira Real Estate Development & Investments by (10.94%), Transport& Investment Barter Company by (9.52%), and Delta Insurance by (9.52%).

The top five losers were, the Arab Electrical Industries by (15.15%), Jordan Industrial Resources by (15.00%), First Jordan Investment Company Plc by (10.00%), Specialized Investment Compounds by (8.96%), and Jordan Press Foundation/al-ra'i by (8.70%).