Board of Directors


Prof. Kamal Ahmad Al-Qudah / Chairman

Holds a PhD in Finance and Investment from the University of Dundee/ UK (1987-1991), a Master's degree in financial studies from the University of Strathclyde/ UK (1985-1986), a Post-Diploma in Accounting and Finance from University of Sterling (1984-1985), and a Bachelor's in Administrative Science from Yarmouk University / Jordan. He is a member in the Board of Trustees in Al-Hussein Technical University. Al-Qudah worked as an Assistant, Associate, and full professor/ Finance and Banking Department at Yarmouk University, The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, and the American University in Madaba during the period (1991-1996), (2000-2005) and (2011- 2019) respectively. He was appointed as the Head of Finance and Banking Department at the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences during the period (1997-1999); a general manager for Banking and Financial studies Center at the Academy; a consultant for the Academy's President and a consultant for the Audit Bureau president in a Part time basis. Prof. Al-Qudah was a commissioner at the Jordanian Electricity Regulatory Commission during the period (2005-2011), and a member of the steering committee for privatization of electricity companies in the Energy Sector (2010-2012). He was the Dean of Business and Finance Faculty at the American University of Madaba (2011- 2015); Prof. Al Qudah is currently the Chairman of the Board of Amman Stock Exchange since May 2019 until Present


Mr. Waleed Najjar/ Vice Chairman

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Tanmia Securities Company, a member of the Board of Directors of Palestine Investment Bank, and Chairman of Syndicate of Owners of Financial Services Companies. He is also a founder and co-founder of a number of public shareholding companies and a participant in its board of directors as chairman and vice chairman and member. He was also a former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ASE and a member for two terms, and a member of Board of Directors of the Securities Depository Center for two terms. Also a founder of the Amman Financial Market Brokers Association and its Chairman for more than a term, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Petroleum Refinery Company, and he is currently the Chairman of Syndicate of owners of financial services


 Dr. Ashraf Al Adwan / Member

 Holds a PhD in Civil Law, specialized in insurance contracts from the University of Poitiers/ France. Founding partner in the Office of Adviser for Advocacy, Arbitration and legal Consultation. He is a staff member in the Faculty of Law/ University of Jordan. He worked as an assistant dean for the Faculty of Law for Development and Student Affairs/ University of Jordan, then Deputy Dean for Student Affairs at the University. He chaired and participated in a number of the University's investigation committees. He was the Head of Surveillance and Internal Audit Department / University of Jordan, and took over the role of academic supervisor for the Future Judges Program. He also took the position of Deputy Dean of the College of Graduate Studies for Humanitarian Colleges Affairs at the University of Jordan, and he is currently the director of the Admission and Registration Unit at the University of Jordan.


Mr. Sami Shraim/ Member

Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Beirut Arab University and a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Mansoura University. He is the General Manager of Al-Aqsa Company for Supply, and the Global Company for Investment Technology.  He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Petra Poultry Company, Al-Tahdeeth Investment Company and Angola International Investments Company, and the Vice Chairman of Al-Tahdeeth Real Estate Investment Company. He is a board member of Al Batinah Contracting Company. Moreover, he is a member of the International Diplomatic Club, a member of the Federation of Arab Businessmen, a member of the Jordanian Businessmen Association, member of the Jordanian European Business Association, the Jordanian American Society, the Jordanian-French Business Council and the Jordanian-Turkish Business Council, and a member of the World Trade Center, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab African Council of Businessmen and counselor In the Arab Federation for Combating International Crime and Money Laundering, and he is currently the Chairman of Jordanian Association Investors in Securities


Dr. Hasan N. Hasan /Member

Holds a PhD in Philosophy of Economics from the University of Jordan. He is the Head of the Equities Investment Department at the Social Security Investment Fund. He is a research and teaching assistant at the Hashemite University and Yarmouk University. He is also the Vice Chairman of Munya Specialized Resorts, representing the Fund, and a former member of the Board of Directors of Safwa Islamic Bank representing the Fund. and he is currently a representative of Social Security Investment Fund.



Eng. Mohammad Al- Khatib / Member

 Holds a Master Degree from the University of London in Analysis, Design and Management Information Systems, and Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Jordan. He previously worked as the Director of the Information Technology and Communications Department at the Amman Stock Exchange, and the Director of the Information Technology Department at Bank Al Etihad. He also worked as an auditor and advisor for many public institutions and the private sector in the Arab region.

He is currently the Director of Information Technology at the Arab Petroleum Investment Company, a multi-country development bank that is affiliated with the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries. Previously, he served as a member of an Administrative Board of the Jordanian Association for Computer that deals with the information technology sector in Jordan for several years. He received several awards and certificates of appreciation in the Arab region, the most important of which was the Award for the Best IT Director during the GITEX Conference in Dubai in 2007, during his work as director of the Information Technology and Communications Department at the Amman Stock Exchange.


Mr. Majd Shafiq / Member

Mr. Shafiq is an Economic advisor and financial expert. He served as a Commissioner in the Jordan Securities Commission, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Al-Mawared Company for Financial Brokerage (The Investment Bank Group). He also worked as a consultant for capital market institutions in several Arab countries and with international financial institutions. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Politics and Economics from the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University