100% of ASE listed companies included in the ASE20 index sample complied with the requirement to establish an Investor Relations Unit

Mr.Mazen Wathaifi Chief Executive Officer of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) said that 100% of the companies listed on the ASE20 index sample have established an Investor Relations Unit during the specified period mentioned in the rules issued by the ASE. He emphasized the significance of establishing this unit to enhance the competitiveness of listed companies, foster the investment environment and build confidence in both the ASE and these companies.  This high percentage reflects the compliance of listed companies with the laws and regulations, and reflects the interest of Jordanian companies in boosting their competitiveness and maintaining continuous communication between their management and the investment community and all relevant stakeholders.

Mr. Wathaifi added that in accordance with the Article (9/D) of the Listing Directives and the rules mentioned above which became effective in the year 2023, listed companies included in the ASE20 index sample were abided by a set of rules related to investors relations, including: establishing a special unit or department to be responsible for investor relations, appointment of an investor relations officer and an assistant, establishing a dedicated investor relations window on each of these companies website to include a set of data, publishing presentations for investors within a week of publishing annual and interim reports that illustrate the company’s financial position and future expectations within the designated window.

Wathafi also indicated that requiring listed companies on the ASE20 index sample to establish an investor relations unit is a continuation of the ASE’s approach to enhance the competitiveness of the Jordanian capital market and listed companies, applying the best international standards and practices, and enhance the attractiveness of listed companies, since investor relations play an important and vital role in opening effective channels of communication with financial analysts, investors, media representatives, shareholders and others, and transmitting the information of the market to the company’s board of directors and executive management, which leads to consolidating the relationship with current and potential investors.

It is worth mentioning that the ASE has worked on spreading awareness and emphasizing the importance of establishing such unit in listed companies, either by holding training courses for the relevant companies, or issuing an introductory guide on investor relations management, with the goal of raising the awareness and education of listed companies on the concept of investor relations management and the benefits accruing to them and to all relevant parties.