ASE Participates in The Activities of The International Innovation Dome Forum for Development and Sustainable Development


The CEO of the ASE Mazen Wathaifi, participated in the fifth international innovation Dome forum for development and sustainable development, which organized by Innovation Dome Consulting & Training at Movenpick hotel Amman–Jordan. The forum was opened by a representative of the prime minister, minister of digital economy and entrepreneurship. The forum discussed many topics related to artificial intelligence and financial technology in the banking, insurance and financial markets sectors.

In a dialogue session entitled "Artificial Intelligence and financial technology in the financial and banking sector", Wathaifi presented a paper entitled "Digital Transformation at the Amman Stock Exchange" in which he reviewed the most important developments in the national capital market, the most important projects that have been implemented, including digital transformation projects at the ASE, in addition to its role in the economic modernization vision, which included many initiatives that would support and improve the market, including encouraging institutional investment, following up on the digital transformation and amending legislation in accordance with the latest international standards and practices, indicating that the ASE has witnessed a remarkable development in terms of digital transformation and investment in technology, where many among the modern electronic systems, the most important of which are the electronic trading and disclosure systems, smart phone applications, online trading, and special systems protecting the infrastructure of the exchange's communication networks and others.