ASE Receives a Delegation from the Libyan Islamic Bank

The CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange(ASE), Mazen Wathaifi, received a delegation from the Libyan Islamic Bank, which included the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Salama Abu Al-Qasim, the General Manager of the Bank Hafez Al-Hamrouni, the Deputy Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board, Dr.Basel Al-shaer, in addition to a number of members of the Board of Directors and directors of departments in the Libyan Bank, as part of the delegation's visit to a number of economic and financial institutions in Jordan.

During the meeting, which was attended by a number of ASE directors, Wathaifi reviewed the most important developments witnessed by the national capital market in general and the ASE in particular in recent years, and the most important projects and plans implemented by the ASE, pointing out that there are many investment opportunities in the market.

 Wathaifi emphasized on the importance of enhancing cooperation and communication between the ASE and the capital market institutions in Jordan with the relevant institutions in the Libyan Republic in order to serve the objectives of these institutions and the interests of the two brotherly countries.

The delegation members praised the level reached by the Jordanian capital market institutions and the legislative and technical frameworks in the market, stressing the importance of benefiting from the Jordanian experience in this field.