ASE participates in the 33rd extraordinary General Assembly of the Federation of Eurasian Stock Exchanges (FEAS)

The Amman Stock Exchange, represented by the CEO, Mazen Wathaifi, participated in the extraordinary meeting of the thirty-third annual general assembly of the Federation of Euro Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) through the audio-visual communication technology. With the participation of the CEOs of the stock exchanges members of the Federation.

During the meeting, the performance of the 2021 work plan was discussed, the audited financial statements for the year 2021 were approved, the work plan and budget for 2022 was approved, and some matters related to renewing memberships for some members were discussed. On the sidelines of the meeting, the ASE participated in the first round table of its kind on "Capital Market Talks", which was organized by the General Secretariat of the federation, which aims to enhance cooperation between capital markets in the Euro-Asian region.

It’s worth mentioning that the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) was established in 1995 with 12 founding members at that time including the Amman Stock Exchange currently there are 39 members. The purpose of the Federation is to contribute to the cooperation, development, support and promotion of capital markets in the Euro-Asian Region (i.e. Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean Basin).