Increasing the Trading Session Duration from One to Two Hours and Raising the Price Limits From 2.5% to 5%

The Chief Executive Officer of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, said that the ASE Board of Directors, in coordination with the Board of Commissioners of the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), decided to increase the duration of the trading session to become as shown below, as of Sunday 05/31/2020:


They also decided to adjust the daily increase and decrease limits for trading and Block trades to become 5% of the reference price for all securities traded in the stock exchange.

Mr. Wathaifi said that this decision comes in light of the improvement of performance indicators of the ASE over the last sessions and the general index rise, in addition to the availability and the disclosure of important information to investors during the period followed the resumption of trading in the ASE.