Article (21)

  1. The appointed members of the Board of Directors and the representatives of the elected members shall disclose to the Commission and the Stock Exchange their ownership and the ownership of their relatives in any Jordanian securities and partnerships in any financial services company. They also shall disclose any changes within seven days of its occurrence.
  2. The Chairman, members of the Board of Directors and representatives of any of them shall be committed to constantly pursue the interests of the Stock Exchange, and to abide, in particular, by the following:
    1. Disclosing any private concern they might have in any topic placed for discussion before the Board of Directors; in such a case the concerned person must leave the meeting and shall not take part in voting on the relevant decision.
    2. Maintaining the privacy of privileged information relevant to the Stock Exchange, and not transmitting it to any other party.
    3. Abstaining from the use of any information obtained due to the nature of their work for their own benefit or any other party's benefit.
  3. The Chairman and members of the Board of Directors shall be liable for any violation of operative legislations enacted by the Board of Directors.
  4. The liability stipulated in paragraph C of this Article does not include any member who has already objected in writing in the minutes of the meeting that contained a violation to the operative legislations.