Article (34)

  1. The Stock Exchange shall inspect its members to verify their compliance with the provisions, of the regulations, instructions, bases and decisions issued by virtue thereof, as well as the By-laws and instructions issued by the Stock Exchange.
  2. The Stock Exchange shall inspect its members with or without a prior notice, provided that such inspection is performed during normal working hours.
  3. The Chief Executive Officer or any Stock Exchange employee who is authorized in writing by the Chief Executive Officer, shall for the purposes of supervision and inspection, undertake the following:
    1. To have access to all records, data, documentation, correspondence, contracts and decisions, including bank statements and accounts, related to the member, and to have copies made thereof or to keep the originals thereof against signature of receipt.
    2. To request any information, documentation or data that they may deem appropriate for supervision and inspection purposes.
  4. The member and persons associated with it must facilitate the task of the Stock Exchange employees who are authorized to supervise and inspect and provide them with the information they request.
  5. The information that the Stock Exchange management, staff and consultants have access to shall be confidential, and cannot be disclosed save upon the approval of the Board.