Article (5)

The Stock Exchange shall assume the necessary responsibilities and authorities to achieve its objectives, including the following :

  1. Lay out procedures and business methods that guarantee transparent trading and fair procedures for dealers in securities.
  2. Provide electronic and manual systems, means of connection and communication and equipped halls with the necessary technical tools and devices to trade in securities, and to perform its other activities.
  3. Monitor trading operations, and coordinate with the Commission on the follow up of such operations.
  4. Impose disciplinary sanctions upon its members and persons associated therewith for violation of the provisions of the Law and the regulations, instructions and decisions issued pursuant thereto and the provisions of the by-laws and instructions and decisions of the Stock Exchange.
  5. Lay out the professional Code of Ethics for its members and improve the professional performance of them.
  6. Establishe standards of training, experience and administrative competence for its members and persons associated therewith.
  7. Prepare reports and disseminate information on the Stock Exchange's activities.
  8. Lay out and implement rules relevant to the use of the Stock Exchange utilities, facilities and services.
  9. Establish cooperative relations with International Stock Exchanges, associations and organizations in the field of securities, and enter into agreements with them. Participate in specialized conferences and seminars.
  10. Give its opinion on legislations relevant to the work of the Stock Exchange.
  11. Own, lease and possess any movable and immovable property as well as any rights, including intellectual property rights, which the Stock Exchange deems necessary or appropriate for performing its functions, and to dispose of said property and rights.