Article (9)

  1. A broker that wishes to become a member in the Stock Exchange must submit a written request on the application form that the Stock Exchange has approved for this purpose, to be signed by person(s) authorized to sign on its behalf, and that contains the following information:
    1. Applicant's name and full address.
    2. Certification of incorporation and the right to practice.
    3. Articles and Memorandum of Association of the company.
    4. Copy of the license granted by the Commission to the company to practice as a broker.
    5. Names of the Board of Directors of the company or the Chief Executive Officers and names of the senior management and their shares in the company's share capital.
    6. Names of persons who own 5% or more of the company's share capital.
    7. Issuers that the company or any of its board members or its executive officers or managers or its registered persons own 5% or more of the securities issued thereby.
    8. Names of the registered persons working for it.
    9. Name and address of the company's auditor.
    10. All licenses granted to the company by the Commission.
    11. The last annual financial report audited by the company's auditor, if any.
    12. A pledge of commitment to respect the provisions of the Law, and the regulations, instructions and decisions issued by virtue thereof.
    13. An admission of approval by the company on the Stock Exchange's provision of information related to the company to any official competent party requesting such information.
    14. An admission that all information included in the application form is accurate and valid and that no information is omitted from the application form that might affect the Stock Exchange's decision to grant membership.
  2. The Stock Exchange may seek any additional information from the applicant, which it may deem necessary for its decision to grant membership.