The Acting JIC visits the ASE

The CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, discussed with the Acting Chairman of the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) Mr. Fareedon Hartoqa during his visit to the ASE, the means and prospects of joint cooperation and coordination between the two entities to enhance efforts aimed at promoting the ASE, marketing investment opportunities and attracting more investments to the national economy in general and to the ASE in particular in a way that contributes to promote and achieve the national economy aims.

 Mr. Wathaifi said “This is the appropriate time to strengthen the efforts to promote investment opportunities at the ASE in the light of the improvement in its performance and the performance of the listed companies, especially after the return of the economic sectors and the improvement of the epidemiological situation and expansion of vaccination campaigns”.

Moreover, Mr. Wathaifi added, the National capital market has become enjoying a technical and legislative infrastructure in accordance with the latest international standards and practices, and there are many investment opportunities can be promoted locally and globally.

Acting Chairman of the JIC Mr. Hartoqa stressed on the importance of the joint cooperation between the two entities and the role of the investment in steering the national economy in its all aspects, in addition to the importance of marketing and promoting the listed companies at the ASE as valuable investment opportunities to invest in.

During the meeting, Mr. Hartoqa reviewed the most important steps taken by the JIC in attracting new investments and empowering the existing ones to encourage investment environment.

He also talked about the JIC first virtual investment conference that took place in the period between 12-13 July 2021 under the patronage of the Prime Minister. This conference represents an important economic event in the region to open the way for new horizons of economic cooperation and the volume and diversity, it was attended by officials, experts and businessmen of Arab and foreign nationalities, that represent a number of investment sectors as well the importance of the issues and topics that have been discussed.