Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Launched the New Version of the ASENEWS Application on App Store


The CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange, Mazen Wathaifi, said that the ASENEWS application has been developed on mobile devices that run on Apple’s iOS system as part of the ASE’s efforts to enhance disclosure and transparency in the capital market and with the aim of improving and developing the level of services provided to individuals and the business sector and keeping pace with the latest developments and digital transformation at the global level and in stock exchanges in particular, and to meet the needs of investors and those interested.


Wathaifi indicated that the new version of the ASENEWS application that was developed is compatible with the updated version on the IOS system in terms of shape and design with the version that was recently launched on the Android system, in addition the new version contains features and information related to the publication of all disclosures related to the applicable XBRL electronic disclosure system, which enhances the efficiency of the market and raises the level of disclosure and transparency in it and increases the speed of obtaining information.

This application provides many features and services to interested parties in the market which will help them in taking their investment decision. Also, its sends notifications to the user about the latest news, circulars and disclosures published at the ASE website, in addition to searching capability for historical disclosures, and the ability to be to save them on the user's mobile device for the ease of use and future reference when needed. Moreover, ASENEWS application will provide the daily market summary and the live prices of traded securities on ASE.

The application can be updated and downloaded by searching for ASENEWS in the (Google Play) and (APP Store) or through the following links: