The Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Launches a New Page on its Website Entitled "Corporate Actions"


Mr. Mazen Wathaifi Chief Executive Officer of the ASE said that the ASE launched a new page on its website entitled " Corporate  Actions" and he indicated that the mentioned page contains details of the actions related to the listed companies that occurred in the last ten years in both Arabic and English languages, including actions related to the company’s listing, increasing/ reducing/ restructuring its capital, changing the company’s name or its symbol, In addition to the transfer between markets such as transfer the company from the first to the second market or vice versa, delisting and other corporate actions.

Wathaifi confirmed that the purpose of creating such page is to enhance transparency and significant information for researchers and investors to make their investment decisions and enable users to obtain a report of the actions that occurred on the listed companies in appropriate way to meet their needs easily, as the page provides its users with the required actions within a set of options (the company’s symbol, action name, sector, sub-sector, duration ... etc).

And those who are interested in listed companies actions can find the page on the (ASE) website by the following link :