Financial Statements of the First Quarter - 2019  

Amman Stock Exchange’s  (ASE) Chief Executive Officer Mr. Nader Azar said that the ASE is still receiving the quarterly reports of the period ended in March 31, 2019, from all companies listed at the ASE which have been reviewed by their auditors.  The listed companies must submit quarterly reports reviewed by their auditors within one month after the end of the said quarter by virtue of the Directives of Listing Securities at the ASE for the year 2018.

 Accordingly, The ASE will suspend the shares of the breaching companies as of the first working day following the deadline of receiving the reports until the companies submit the ASE with the required reports by virtue of Article (15/B/6) of the Listing Securities Directives for the year 2018, so as to protect the investors in Jordan Securities Market. Further, the ASE will announce the names of breaching companies that did not submit their reviewed interim reports through the mass media.

 Such a step enhances transparency and disclosure in Jordan Capital Market, and helps investors in being acquainted with the companies' results during the whole year. The ASE circulates these reports to the brokerage firms and on the ASE website ( in the Circulars and Disclosures/ Quarterly Reports window to be reachable for those interested in securities.