Mazen Wathaifi is the Chief Executive Officer of Amman Stock Exchange

Mr. Mazen

The ASE Board of Directors has appointed, Mr. Mazen Wathaifi, as the CEO of the ASE as of the 3rd of Sep, 2019; following the Royal Decree acceptance of his resignation from the JSC Board of Commissioners. Mr. Wathaifi has a profound experience in the capital market and has several studies and researches in this field. He has participated in professional and training courses in a number of Jordanian, Arab and international institute’s university. It is noteworthy that Mr. Wathaifi is a member committees of Arab and international organizations. He also assumed high level positions during his career path in the capital market, most recently, a commissioner at the JSC Board of Commissioners since July, 2013 besides the duties of Secretary General of the JSC till August 2018. Mr. Wathaifi also was the CEO of JSC from July 2013 till July 2014, and the Head of Research and International Relations Department since 1999 - 2013.

Mr. Wathaifi holds a Bachelor Degree in Management and Economics from the University of Jordan and a Master Degree in Financial Sciences/ Financial Markets.