Article (14)

  1. In its meetings, the General Assembly shall have the competence to examine, discuss and take appropriate decisions on matters related to the Stock Exchange, inter alia:
    1. Discussion of the Board of Directors' report on the Stock Exchange operations and its future plans.
    2. Hearing the auditor's report of the Stock Exchange on its balance sheet, final accounts and financial status.
    3. Discussion and approval of the annual balance sheet, revenue and expenditure accounts and cash flows of the elapsed fiscal year.
    4. Election of members of the Board of Directors in accordance with this By-Law.
    5. Any other item placed by the Board of Directors on the agenda of the meeting.
    6. Any other items proposed by an attending member and approved by the majority of those attending the meeting.
  2. The General Assembly shall meet in an ordinary meeting at least once a year, not later than the end of March.
  3. When there is need for examination of specific issues, the General Assembly shall meet in an extra-ordinary meeting, upon convocation from the Board of Directors or upon a written request signed by the majority of its members. The Board of Directors shall convoke the General Assembly to said meeting within three weeks of receiving the request.
  4. The convocation for and the agenda of a General Assembly meeting shall be sent by registered mail, or delivered by hand against signature, fifteen days prior to the date of the meeting. This shall be announced on the bulletin board in the Stock Exchange's hall.
  5. An invitation shall be sent to the Commission to send a representative to General Assembly meetings.
  6. General Assembly meetings shall be presided by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Vice-Chairman in the event of his absence.