Article (23)

  1. In case the member wishes to change its representative on the Board of Directors at any time during the term of its membership, or if the representative of any member dies or his / her services are terminated for any reason before the end of his / her approved membership term, the member shall appoint a substitute representative who fulfills the representation conditions.
  2. If for any reason the position of any elected member in the Board of Directors is vacated before the term elapses, the Board of Directors shall appoint a substitute in its place, and shall present the substitution to the General Assembly in the first meeting following the vacation occurrence, for approval or for election of a substitute to fill the vacancy. If the position of any member of those appointed by the Board is vacated, a substitute shall be appointed in the same way the initial member was appointed.
  3. The Chairman and members of the Board of Directors shall continue to perform their duties after their term elapses, for a maximum period of six months, until new members are elected in their place.