Article (35)

  1. The Chief Executive Officer may establish an investigative committee to examine the alleged breaches of a member or any of the persons associated with it.
  2. The committee referred to in sub-paragraph (A) of this Article shall be constituted of Stock Exchange employees who are competent in the field and any person(s) who is an expert and that the Chief Executive Officer deems it necessary to resort to his/her services to complete the investigative procedures.
  3. The committee may call any member(s) of the Board of Directors or any member(s) of the Chief Executive Officers or any staff or consultant of the member to hear his/her testimony on the alleged breaches of the member.
  4. The statements of the person made before the committee shall be noted in a record to be signed by the person who has been interviewed, along with the questions posed to him/her and his/her answers.
  5. The committee may invite any Stock Exchange employee, consultant, or expert or any person it deems suitable to attend the investigative sessions without giving him/her the right to vote on committee decisions.
  6. The committee may use electronic devices and recording machines for the purposes of placing the investigation minutes on record.
  7. The committee shall submit its report to the Chief Executive Officer, inclusive of the procedures it has taken and the conclusion it has reached.