Article (36)

  1. Subject to the provisions of Article 37 of this By-laws, if it transpires that any member or a person associated with him has breached the provisions of the regulations, instructions , bases or decisions issued by the stock exchange, or has taken preparatory steps leading to such breach, it shall be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary sanctions:
    1. Admonition.
    2. Warning.
    3. Financial fine not less than one hundred  Dinars and not more than twenty thousand Dinars.
  2.  The decision imposing any sanction(s) referred to paragraph (A) of this Article shall be served to the concerned person on the business day following the adoption of the decision, provided that the decision contains the following:
    1. Practices or conduct proven to have been committed or failed to have been performed by the concerned person
    2. Statement of the provisions of, the regulations, instructions, bases and decisions issued by stock exchange that the concerned person has breached.
    3. The sanction imposed.