Article (8)

  1. The following conditions must be fulfilled for a broker to submit a membership application to the Stock Exchange:
    1. The broker must have a valid license to practice.
    2. The broker's management and staff must have the necessary academic qualifications, knowledge and expertise to act as a member in the Stock Exchange.
    3. The broker must have the needed IT infrastructure to ensure that it carries out trading operations through the Stock Exchange systems in a correct, suitable and uninterrupted manner.
    4. The broker must have at least two registered persons working for it.
  2. The conditions referred to in Paragraph (A) of this Article are continuous conditions that must be met throughout the term of membership of the Stock Exchange.
  3. Notwithstanding the content of Sub-Paragraph (A) (4) of this Article, it is allowed that only one certified person works for a financial broker in case the license given thereto is limited to a dealer.