Online Trading Data Dissemination

Name of service

Online Trading Data Dissemination (Feedshop Program)



Recipients of Service

ASE Members / data vendors / press

Available Forms to Perform Service

Online Trading Data Dissemination Agreement

Service Description

This service broadcasts on-line trading information to data vendors and brokerage firms (which provide Internet trading service) to be used in their systems and programs.

Requirements and Conditions of Service


Required Documents


Steps and procedures for implementing the service

The interested party in this service sends an official letter to the ASE clarifying what type of information required and the purpose of usage. Then, the ASE will study the request and reply to it. For approved request, an On-line trading data agreement will be signed between the ASE and the service requester

Service Fees

Either free or payed according to the type of information and the purpose of usage.

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

After completing all required procedures

Contact Details

Information & Communications Technology Dept. / ASE

  • Tel : 0096265664109
    • Ext. 1604/1607