SMS Notification System of the executed orders

Name of service

SMS Notification System of the executed orders.


Market Operations/ Programming

Recipients of Service

The ASE Members

Available Forms to Perform Service

Service subscription form

Service Description

Authorizing the broker to access the data base of executed orders for the purpose of informing its clients with their executed orders in real time via any of the available means of communication like: SMS, Fax or email.

Requirements and Conditions of Service

  • Do not distribute the data to any other party other than the broker’s clients, and in case of breach of provisions this condition, the ASE shall have the right to terminate this service instantly and without any prior notice or declaration.
  • The brokerage firm shall solely bear any legal liability that may be resulted from the usage of the information or data provided by ASE by the Company itself or by third parties, ASE shall not bear any liability towards the Company or the third parties which may result of such usage or as a result of technical disorders.

Required Documents

Service subscription form which shall be duly signed and stamped with the official stamp of the brokerage firm.

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

  • Review the broker request.
  • Allow the broker to access the related data base to obtain the necessary data.

Service Fees

No fees

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

one working day

Contact Details

Listing and Operations Dept.

Information & Communication Technology Dept.

  • Tel: 0096265664109
    • Ext. 1604/1666