Trading Stations

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Trading Stations


Market Operations/ ICT Operations

Recipients of Service

The ASE Members

Available Forms to Perform Service


Service Description

A Trading station used by the certified brokers to enter buy and sell orders into the ETS on behalf of their clients.

Requirements and Conditions of Service

  • The ASE determines the number of Trading Stations that are allowed for each member, based on the technical capabilities and usage licenses granted to the ASE.
  • In all cases, the number of Trading Stations for the broker shall not exceed the number of certified brokers in the brokerage firms.
  • The broker can submit a request to suspend or cancelany of the Trading Stations used by it.
  • The broker shall be committed to the provisions and rules of providing real-time trading information to the ASE members

Required Documents

A letter of request to add, suspend or cancel a Trading Stations

Steps and procedures for implementing the service

  • Review the request and verify that all the conditions are fulfilled.
  • Provide the broker with a Username and password to use the Trading Stations.
  • Take the necessary procedures on the electronic trading system.

Service Fees

  • JD 400 annually for each trading station of the first four stations.
  • JD 150 monthly for each additional trading station after the fourth stations.
  • Trading Stations fees are paid annually within a period not exceeding ten working days from the beginning of the year

Approximate Time for Completing the Service

Within two working days as a maximum.

Contact Details

Listing and Operations Dept.

Information & Communication Technology Dept.

  • Tel: 0096265664109
    • Ext. 1601/1602/1609